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Mixed Metal Trends

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

How to wear mixed metals.

Mixing metals!

Mixing metals like gold and silver used to be a huge fashion NO, but it’s not like that anymore. If you know how to wear mixed metals the right way, then they can actually come across as really trendy.

The first step when choosing how to wear mixed metals: Choose SEPARATE pieces. Don’t go looking for a gold necklace that has big silver pieces hanging off of it. That can actually come across gaudy and you and I know we both don’t want that. Go for separate pieces, but wear them in the SAME location (this is our 2nd step) .

If you’re going to mix metals, mix the same type of separate pieces on the same location. For example, bracelets on your arm, necklaces around your neck, rings on your fingers, etc. you can 100% make mixing metals work for you, but just make sure to not go overboard. Simple is KEY.

Step number 3: When mixing different metals with necklaces, be sure to choose different length necklaces. You don’t want to deal with a wad of tangled necklaces. That’s annoying. ;)

The easiest way to mix metals in your jewelry would obviously be to buy a premixed piece that has the different metals already in them, but don’t be afraid to try doing it yourself. You got this and if you stick with these steps, you’re gonna look incredible.

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