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Double Vision: Tips for making a memory with Your Bestie

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Best friends are the best.

Especially when you’re up against a hard season.

Ever been there? It’s through the rough days that your people shine the brightest. And it’s not always flashy. Sometimes it’s through a Venmo to grab you a Starbucks. Sometimes it’s through a “I’m here for you” text or sometimes even, it’s through a gift randomly showing up on your front door step.

You wanna make a memory with your best friend?

People don’t forget when you show up for them. In a world full of busy distractions, it matters SO MUCH in today’s busy when someone actually shows up for you.

And after all, that’s what the best of friends do right? They show up for you when you need them most…and even on days when you’re really okay. They still make it known to you in little ways that they care and that you matter… and honestly, couldn’t we all use a little more of those kinds of people in our lives?

You want to make a memory that lasts forever with your bestie?

Just show up. In the mundane. On the ordinary days. In the busy seasons. When work is overwhelming and the distractions are constant. Just keep showing up for your people, for your best friend. They’ll remember that. Always.

Want a simple way to show up? Spend time picking out a piece of jewelry that you know will mean something to them and have a welded bracelet date together.

Show up for them like this? And they’ll never forget it!!!

Sometimes making memories is going the extra mile FOR someone. Come make memories that last. ❤️

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