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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Hey girl. Here’s the deal: I WANT TO COLLABORATE WITH YOU!

I just know you’re looking for a way to get your girls together, so why don’t you supply the chips and salsa and I’ll supply the entertainment?

In this business, every piece of jewelry is hand welded by yours truly. I do it all, because I want you to know just how much time is put into every single piece! If you get your friends together, I’ll bring my welding equipment and if you pick out a gold chain you want? I’ll make it special and weld it on for you RIGHT THERE on the spot! In just a small spark of light you'll have a forever bracelet!

Choosing a bracelet from us to make permanent on your wrist is a huge deal. I know that. To be able to do it all together with your closest people, maybe the ones you’re doing life with in the Lord, maybe your family who’s going to be by your side through thick and thin? What better way to spend a night than picking out permanent bracelets together?

Invite me over and I’ll make it a night you won’t forget. I’ll supply the jewelry as long you supply the salsa. ;)

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